In a few words, how does it work?
Once you made your booking and sent us the confirmation email, we will keep checking to make sure your deal is the best possible until your check-in date.
If we find it cheaper, you will receive an email with two links, one with the new cheaper booking and another to cancel your original booking.
What is the difference between Roomstracker.com and other hotel comparison sites?
The other sites can give you the best price guarantee on the day you book, but ours does that UNTIL YOU CHECK-IN.
We also do not charge you or even get your credit card information.
Do I have to do any special booking?
Nope, the only important point is that it needs to be "free cancelation", that way you can re-book it without cost.
On which sites can I do my booking?
Currently our system is compatible with Booking.com, Expedia, Hotels.com, Opodo, eDreams, Travellink, EasyJet hotels, GoVoyage and we keep adding more!
Do I have to fill any information about my trip?
Nope, just send the booking confirmation email and all infos will be parsed automatically.
Why do I have to sign up?
This way we can make sure we associate your booking with you, and once you login you can check how much you saved on your past and upcoming trips.
Is there any cost or charge for your service?
It is absolutely free (as all good things in life should be), although we accept donations to keep this good service going.
What does "Freerolling" mean?
It's a term used to describe a situation where there is no more downside risk involved, only upside positive outcomes can be realized.
For example, once you send us your booking confirmation, you can only get a better deal. You're freerolling.


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